mina. starving writer major. nam taehyun and his middle part give me life.
in other news, idk why i stan gd either tbvh w/ u

yg bias.
mainly bigbang and winner.
also 2ne1 and snsd.
and krystal!!!


picking up men chicks 101 - by gdragon

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OT5 celebrating the release of Taeyang’s RINGA LINGA ♥

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Winner- Teaser 1

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"I realized that I was being loved by many people through this concert. I was happy while I performed and was able to create some of my life’s best memories." ©

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WHO HAS INSTAGRAM?? i made a new one bc i deleted my old one and my username is @miminmiao add me hehe

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krystal + denim | requested by krystalogy

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i’m out of touch, i’m out of love.

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