mina. starving writer major. idk why i stan gd either tbvh w/ u

60% yg family (bigbang, winner, 2ne1)
25% snsd
5% krystal
5% other
5% beenzino lmao who zino i dont like him


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G-Dragon Hair Colors

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lmao 1 hour to go until course selection starts and here i am blasting beenzino and scrolling tumblr fml this is going to be a representation of me in university for the next four years i can feel it

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The Storylines of Time Machine: “Right now Taeyeon is happy. However, inadvertently thinking of the past, she thinks of a past boyfriend. In that contented life, just thinking about it causes her chest to tighten. It was fun when they were going out. Just the smallest mistake and they went their separate ways. She often thinks about what would have happened if they continued to be together. Without a doubt, right now she is happy. But what if it was a different kind of happiness.”

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get to know me meme5 favorite female groups ♡ 2NE1 [1/5] 

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Soshi Colors - Pink ~

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